Greenwork Pressure Washers VS WestForce Pressure Washers?

Greenwork Pressure Washers VS WestForce Pressure Washers?

May 22, 2020

With a variety of ranges in motors, PSI, and prices it is really a difficult and confusing job for a buyer to choose his suitable pressure washer. People have the misconception that only high PSI and GPM can define the best product. But the real value of a pressure washer can be measured when it will serve you effortlessly for a long time. So in order to choose a perfect pressure washer you will have to focus on some other things like quality, durability, safety features, and price apart from its PSI and GPM.  

How Does Pressure Washer Works?

A pressure washer is a gas driven or electrical powered machine that uses the force of water to clean or wash objects. It consists of s motorized body, and a pressure hose with different adjustable nozzles. The power cord in an electric pressure washer connects electricity to start the machine and a gas pressure washer works on inflammable gases and oils. The PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute) indicates the water force and the amount of water emerges from it in a minute. However, you can adjust the water pressure with the help of the different nozzles.  

Where We Need the Pressure Washer?

If you are a garage owner and find it extremely difficult to remove the stubborn oil strains with hand then you need it more than anyone. A pressure washer can do any sort of cleaning jobs so it is in need everywhere. Whether you need heavy-duty jobs (like cleaning docks or decks or your own building) or light ones (like cleaning cars and bikes or washing driveways) a pressure washer can do all. There are different models available in the market for your different needs. 

Who Need a Pressure Washer?

In this modern busy and quick life style everyone seeks some means to ease their workload. Washing and cleaning is a non negligible part out our everyday life. Maintenance is the only way you can show your true love to your dearest car or home. So in short everyone needs a pressure washer nowadays for either factory purposes or domestic uses. A gas pressure washer is perfect for industrial uses as it generates a lot of force at a time. However for domestic purposes the electric pressure washers win the race mostly because they are less risky, energy saving, and pocket friendly.   

How to Pick a Safe Pressure Washer?

If you are looking for a safe pressure washer then go for the electrical ones. Companies are now manufacturing pressure washers for domestic uses and they are taking extra care for the safety criteria. Your pressure washer should have the basic safety features like spray locks and safety latches to prevent accidental water spraying. The engine or motor of the pressure washer often gets very hot due to continuous use. So an auto cools down mode is one of the important safety features.

Also the pressure hose should be lengthy and flexible enough so that you can work from a safe distance. The handle should be easily grippable and comfortable to hold so that it does not slip from your hand and cause injuries. You should pick a model which has wheels attached in it so that you don’t have to lift it every time while shifting.

Greenwork VS WestForce, Which Pressure Washer is Best?

These are two prominent manufacturers in the field of pressure washers. Both these companies provide quality products in affordable price. So for a better understanding and choosing the best out of them we need to compare their pros and cons one by one.

Greenwork 2000 PSI pressure washer

Greenwork 2000 is a powerful model you can use for all your small and medium purposes. Its 14 AMP motor is a powerful and water resistant one so it can serve you for long at a time. It is certified by PWMA and is designed especially for your home as well as outdoor works.


  • It supports 2000PSI which is considered as great for medium uses. So you can clean not only your two-wheeler or car but the decks and docks and the fences also.

  • It provides 1.2 GPM which means it can clean mud, dust and dirt with ease. With the forceful water support you can even clean the cracks or the concretes such as your driveway or pathway.  

  • It is light weight and in has 10-in wheels attached with it. So you don’t need to lift, just drag it with you whenever you need. Its rugged metal frame design makes it very rough and tough and perfect for daily uses.

  • It has 25 feet long pressure hose and 35 feet long power cord which makes it really demanding as an electric pressure washer. The length of the power cord will give you more reach to the outside. You don’t even need to carry any extension cord for 35 feet distance.

  • It contains an onboard detergent tank or soap tank in it. So there is no need to carry a bucket for mixing the detergents in it. This will specially help you in outdoor cleaning.

  • It is built with 4 interchangeable nozzles. The turbo nozzle will give you high speed cleaning in a minute. The 25 and 40 degree nozzles are for medium cleaning jobs. So you can adjust the speed and force of the pressure washer with just a turn. The soap nozzle is specially designed to spray detergent water for cleaning.

  • Its compact design and durable structure makes it extremely comfortable to use on a daily basis.

  • Its axial cam pump makes it safe for daily domestic use.

  • It comes with 1 year warranty

  • The market price of this washer is about $199.99

WestForce 2600 PSI pressure washer:

WestForce produced this pressure washer with powerful 1600 W/13 A motor. The motor is built with copper which make it stronger and long lasting.


  • It can create up to 2600 PSI pressure while cleaning which makes it compatible for heavy duty works. That means you can even remove stubborn oily stains or unwanted paints from your floor or driveway.

  • It comes with 1.65 GPM which is much needed to be compatible with the 2600 PSI. The combination is a very powerful one for any cleaning jobs.

  • The weight of this pressure washer will not bother you much as it has wheels with it. it will glide after you for your service.

  • It has 20 feet long pressure hose that is fairly good for a pressure washer. It will keep your hand on a safe distance from the powerful speed of water.

  • Its power cord is 35 feet long which is appropriate as you shift your washer that much away from the electric power source. Most of the cleaning jobs cannot be done indoors. Then the 35-feet long power cord will give you ease for handling large areas.

  • It has a soap bottle in it and a foam lance for spraying soap water or chemicals. So it is an all rounder in terms of cleaning and washing.

  • It has 4 quick connect nozzles that will be put on as soon you turn them. Its 0-degree or red nozzle will provide maximum water force. You can even uproot tiny grasses from your driveway and sidewalk with its help. The yellow (15-degree) and green (25-degree) nozzles will help you to clean moderate stains, mud and dirt. Thus they are best for cleaning cars, bikes, decks, etc. And you can clean fragile or delicate objects like window shades or glasses, wooden tables or stairs with the white or 40-degree nozzle.

  • It looks compact and is easy to handle as it has separate sections and holders for the pressure hose and power cord. So you don’t need to go through the hassle of untangle them.

  • Because of its high PSI and GPM it is quite risky to handle. The company provides you all the safety features in the machine like GFCI protection, safety automatic total stop system (TSS), and IPX5 waterproof protection for a safe work. But you need also to wear safety gears as precautions. A safety goggle, hand gloves, and fully enclosed shoes are mandatory even if you are working inside of your home.

  • WestForce gives you 2 years warranty on their pressure washers with a 45 day money-back gurantee.

  • With all these amazing up to date features and highly powerful PSI this pressure washer comes in only $109.99.


By analyzing the two products and their specializations, pricing, and safety features it is quite clear that WestForce 2600 pressure washer is winning this competition. It is not only powerful but also flexible for all sorts of cleanings. It has multiple safety features and comes in an ultimate budget friendly price. Your one time car cleaning and servicing may cause more than this. So if you are planning to buy a pressure washer then go for it.