6 Brand Pressure Washers Can Do Heavy-Duty Cleaning Works

6 Brand Pressure Washers Can Do Heavy-Duty Cleaning Works

June 23, 2020


Washing and cleaning is an extremely strenuous and physically demanding job. Even to make the home and the surrounding clean one has to put a lot of effort. And it is simply not possible for a working couple or the elderly members to do heavy-duty cleaning by their hands.

The washing and cleaning of your garden area or your lawn, sideways, driveways, decks thus need something powerful and efficient. A powerful pressure washer comes for this purpose. This machine uses electricity or gas to generate immense power to forcefully spray water. The gas-powered pressure washers are mainly known for heavy-duty cleaning jobs while the electrical miniature versions will perfectly do small and medium cleaning jobs.  

If you try to clean the mud and dirt from your walkway or driveway, then it will surely take half of the day of your precious weekend. Not to mention the back and muscle pain that will be going to spoil your rest of the day. Removing small grasses from the sideways and cleaning mud from the concrete cracks are also very time-consuming works. But only a powerful pressure washer can do these jobs in a few minutes.

You just need to choose your perfect pressure washer according to your requirements. You can even clean your beloved car or bike with a heavy-duty pressure washer if you know pressure management. Pressure washers come with 4 to 5 types of nozzles to manage different water force on the object. They even come with detergent tanks now so that you can wash and clean them randomly.

6 Brand Pressure Washers Can Help You Do Heavy Cleaning Works Easily!

Here are 6 popular pressure washer brands and their powerful pressure washers to help you compare and choose the best.

WestForce 3000 PSI electric pressure washer

This can be your perfect partner for heavy and medium-duty cleaning jobs. Its compact outer design makes it strong and durable for everyday uses. It comes with two large wheels that make it smooth to glide along with you. The design is catchy and fashionable, unlike the other heavy-duty pressure washers.

  • It supports 3000 PSI which is great as an electric pressure washer. It can even compete with a gas pressure washer in terms of PSI. With this much power you can even remove grease or tar from concrete, oil stains, heavy mildew stains, peeling paint, stubborn gunk, and mud in a minute.
  • It will give you 1.85 GPM water support in a minute. This will make your otherwise hard cleaning jobs easy and quick. With the powerful PSI and GPM combination, it becomes a really strong electric pressure washer.
  • It has 5 quick connect nozzles (0-degree, 15-degree, 25degree, 40-degree, and a soap nozzle) in it. You can control the force and spread of water with these different nozzles. The 0-degree nozzle is a jet spray and should be used for removing stubborn stains from hard surfaces. The 15 and 25-degree nozzles are for medium-duty jobs as for cleaning decks and docks or sideways or washing oily floors. The 40-degree nozzle is for handling delicate objects like grass panes or wooden floors and stairs. And lastly, the soap nozzle and the 1-gallon on-board detergent tank will help you to mix and spray detergents in the machine itself.
  • It consists of a 20 ft long high-pressure hose and 35 ft long power cord so that you can work flexibly and cover a larger area at a time.
  • It got an on-board detergent tank so that you can mix your cleaning detergent or chemicals on the machine. There is no need to carry an extra bucket now.
  • To say about safety features WestForce gives you safety automatic Total Stop System (TSS) and IPX5 waterproof protection, and GFCI protection. Its waterproof body will protect the motor from damaging and reduce the risk of short circuits.

Sun Joe SPX4600 3000PSI electric pressure washer

This model is very much durable and powerful in terms of an electric pressure washer. This is eco friendly as it takes minimum electricity to regulate, unlike the gas pressure washers. But its powerful water force can even clean oil, paints, and debris smoothly. It is designed specially to work as domestic support. It is quicker, quieter, and cooler than its gas-powered counterparts.

  • It gives you the power of 3000 PSI water force. Cleaning any hard surface with any sorts of stains are extremely easy with this much speed.

  • It supports 1.3 gallons per minute (GPM) which is perfect for a heavy-duty pressure washer. It will spray more amount of water with maximum force to make your job quick.

  • It got 5 easily controllable nozzles i.e. the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and a soap nozzle. These 5 regulating nozzles will support you in your any sort of cleaning requirements.

  • It has a 20-foot long powerful steel hose to give you extra reach to the objects for cleaning. Moreover, its 34-inch extension wand and 35-foot long power cord make your outdoor cleaning effortless.

  • For safety precautions, it comes with GFCI protection. It has TSS (Total Stop System) which enables it to shut off automatically when the trigger is not working. This saves energy and prolonged pump life.

Dewalt 3000 PSI gas-powered pressure washer

This gas-powered pressure washer is meant to be handled by professionals or experienced people. This extremely durable and powerful gas pressure washer comes with 10 years warranty on frames, 5 years on the pump, and 1 year on motors.  These types of power-packed gas pressure washers can be put to work on any surface and in any condition. It has 13-in premium tires attached to it so that you don't need to feel its weight.

  • Its 3000 PSI is best for graffiti removals, paint removals, or cleaning caked mud and dirt.
  • Its 4 GPM water force will give you maximum water supply at a time. This will reduce your hours of effort into a few minutes.
  • It also supports 5 quick connect nozzles just like the other heavy-duty pressure washers. These varieties make it compatible for all sorts of cleaning jobs.
  • Its 5-year motor warranty makes it reliable for long time service.

Ryobi 3000 PSI gas pressure washer

This gas-powered pressure washer comes with a Honda GCV160 powerful gasoline engine. Also, Ryobi gives you a 3-year warranty on the product to secure its endless service.

  • It got 3000 PSI which is much needed for a heavy-duty gas pressure washer.
  • It got 2.3 GPM which will make a lot of water to go in one run. The forceful 2.3 gallons per minute water will surely make harsh impacts on paints and stains.
  • It also got power control regulators or nozzles to adjust the water pressure.
  • It got a lengthy hose and onboard soap tank.
  • It has onboard accessory storage and pressure hose hanger for a protective hassle-free cleaning.

Simpson MSH3125 gas pressure washer

It comes with Honda GC190 premium residential engine and OEM technology axial cam pump which will cause you almost zero maintenance trouble.

  • Its 3200 PSI is undoubtedly very powerful for pressure washing.
  • With the high PSI, it also gives you 2.5 GPM to more quickly and evenly at a time.
  • It also comes with five colorful stainless steel controlling nozzles i.e. red, yellow, green, white, and black to suggest different water forces.
  • It has a 25 ft long kink and abrasion resistant pressure hose. The flexible polyester-lined inner construction and non-marring polyurethane outer construction makes its longevity high.
  • For safety and avoiding fuel spillage, you should fill the fuel bellow the bottom of the filler. All the features are tested and confirmed perfect before selling in the market.

Generac 3100 PSI gas pressure washer

It comes with an easily controllable design with user-friendly features. 

  • With 3000 PSI it will give you the power of two pressure washers in one.
  • It gives you 2.4 gallons per minute which makes it perfect to clean decks, patios, tennis courts, and garage floors.
  • It also gives you five quick functioning regulating nozzles to make any type of cleaning job happen. Its soap or spray nozzle will even help you to water your lawn or clean mild dust.
  • Its 25 ft long pressure hose is needed to keep you safe from the forceful hot water.
  • For strength and safety, it uses an axial cam pump and 196 cc OHV engine. For your safety, you need to wear protective gear before using such extremely powerful pressure washers. You also need to choose the right nozzle for the desired task.


Gas-powered pressure washers are known for their extreme strengths but they are considered to be not so safe for domestic uses. An electric pressure washer can be much more reliable for daily homily uses. In this case, you can surely look for WestForce pressure washers. It is a trustworthy and experienced brand for manufacturing pressure washers. And the 3000 PSI for an electric model is a winning condition! It combines power with simplicity and modernity.  So if you are looking for a powerful pressure washer to handle with ease then try Westforce3000.