5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Home Use

5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Home Use

May 22, 2020

Pressure washers are making their space in every modern house use because of their various useful ability. A portable electric pressure washer can make your cleaning jobs effortless and also save you time. There are a variety of pressure washers available in the market with different PSI ranges. You can choose your suitable one in one visit or you can also buy online. Here are 5 best electric pressure washers that you can for your home uses.

What Kind of Cleaning Jobs You Need to Do with a Pressure Washer for Your Home?

With a pressure washer, the first and most important thing you can do at home is, to clean your four-wheeler or two-wheeler on your own. You don't need to go to the garage for removing dust or mud from the wheels. You don't even need to spend hours removing them by hand. A pressure washer with different nozzles can spray detergent and clean it in minutes.

You can clean the driveway or sidewalk of your residence with it. It will remove dirt and mud even from the cracks in the concrete. You will just have to hold the hose and regulate the nozzles and the work will be done.

You can even clean your rooftops and window panes with a pressure washer. But you will have to be careful and minimize the pressure as you are dealing with fragile things like wood and glass.

You can clean the oil and strain from your washbasin and bathtub with it. You can remove dust and spray water in your garden or lawn with it.   

Why Electric Pressure Washer is Better?

Electric pressure washers are best in case of daily home use. They are small in size and light-weighted. You can easily uplift them and carry them in your car. They need almost zero maintenance, unlike the gas pressure washers. They are less dangerous than the gas pressure washers as they do not contain harmful combustible gases.

Also, they work effortlessly without troubling your ears. Unlike the gas pressure washers, you can make them on or off in a second whenever you want. They are less powerful thus less risky and thus perfect for your home use. Also, they look much fashionable and modern than the gas-powered models and can be compatible with your interior. Here are some models of electric pressure washers that you can look for help.

5 Best Electric Pressure Washer

Best Overall Choice:

WestForce 2600 PSI electric pressure washer

This can be your budget-friendly all-rounder. It comes in a dynamic black and yellow color and with a powerful 1600 w/13 A copper motor.


  1. It comes with a medium 2600 PSI ( pounds per square inch) which makes it appropriate for both light and medium-duty cleaning. For instance, you can clean your walkway or driveway at the same time you can shine your docks or decks with it.

  2. It has 1.65 GPM or gallon per minute which is great for light and medium-duty work. GPM defines the flow rate of water in a minute. 1.65 GPM will smoothly clean mud, dirt, and stains from your car or bike.

  3. It has 4 regulating nozzles (0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees) and a foam lance so that you can choose the speed of water for various uses. A 0 degree or red nozzles is the ultimate force of water a pressure washer can create. It will easily remove oil stains or paints. On the other hand, the 40 degree or white nozzle is best to clean tender and fragile things like glass or soft plastic materials.

  4. The best advantage is its 20 ft long pressure hose and 35 ft long power cord. The long hose will make your cleaning task flexible and the long power cord will cover larger area in outdoor works.

  5. It comes in just $109.99 which makes it the most affordable product on this price range.

  6. It is ETL certified and has multiple safety protection mesures like safety automatic total stop system (TSS), IPX5 waterproof protection, and GFCI protection.


The only disadvantage is that it does not have an onboard detergent tank in it. So you will have to carry a bucket with you for mixing the detergent for cleaning.

Best Durable Choice:

Ryobi 1700 PSI electric pressure washer

This electric pressure washer is extremely lightweight and easily transportable. Its compact roll-cage design makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. It even has an onboard accessory storage system so that you can carry all the necessary items in it.


  1. Its low pressure 1700 PSI is perfect for your home use. You can clean your favorite car or bike freely without worrying about damaging them by the high pressure of a pressure washer. Similarly, you can wash or clean your delicate windows or shades with it comfortably.

  2. It contains an onboard detergent tank which is a really useful tool for a modern-day pressure washer. So now you don't need to carry an extra bucket for making the detergent mixture. Your pressure washer will do it for you.

  3. It has two nozzles 15 degrees and soap nozzle. The first one for cleaning and the second one for washing. As a bonus, it has a turbo nozzle which will give you up to 50% more cleaning power.

  4. Its long length pressure hose and power cord will give you stress-free cleaning.


  • Its low PSI makes it unsuitable for removing paints, grease, or oil strains from the objects.
  • Its market price is $169 which is quite much in respect of the other similar models.

Best Portable Choice:

Greenwork 2000 PSI electric pressure washer

This one comes with a powerful 13 Amp induction motor. But with the wheels, cable holder, and high-pressure hose reel it becomes extremely handy and manageable.


  1. Its 2000 PSI will give you effortless cleaning in case of light and medium strains. You can even clean your decks and docks with it.

  2. It has a dual built-in soap tank which is an extra benefit for you. In the case or car and bike washing, you need a lot of detergents to mix and spray and this will do it all for you.

  3. It has 3 nozzles (0 degrees, 25 degrees, and 40 degrees) that can support your every need. For a distant sharp cleaning, you can use the 0-degree red nozzle. For a medium effective cleaning, you can use the 25-degree green nozzle. And for a wide detailed cleaning, you can use its 40-degree white nozzle. Apart from these it also has a soap nozzle for spraying detergent and washing gentle objects.


  1. It has only 1.2 GPM which means it does not support mush water flow at a time.

  2. This model will cost you $199.99 which is a bit expensive as a home pressure washer.

Best Efficient Choice:

Dewalt 1200 PSI electric pressure washer

    This can be your mini trouble-shooter with its not so mini strength.


    1. Its 1200 PSI makes it fit for low duty homily works. You can even wash your washbasin or ceramic tiles and bathtub with its help.

    2. It supports 2 GPM water flow which is absolutely fantastic for a low PSI model. The more water flows at a time the more quickly you get your thing washed.

    3. It has 5 in-built nozzles which make it suitable for all-purpose cleaning.

    4. It also has 1/4” x 25’ non-marring hose and long power cords to give you easy work experience.


    1. Its pricing is a bit high concerning its features and capabilities.

    2. Its PSI is comparatively much low which will work fairly to remove dust and mud but in case of rough stains, it may not give you any help.

    Best Brand Choice:

    Kaercher K5 2000 PSI electric pressure washer

      This device is literally cool as its patented induction motor does not get much heated and increases its life up to 5x.


      1. You can finish up your all sorts of light or heavy cleaning jobs with its 2000 PSI power.

      2. It supports 1.4 GPM water flow. As we know that the perfect combination of PSI and GPM is the real strength of a pressure washer. Thus this combination of 1.4 GPM with 2000 PSI is a winning one.

      3. The length of the hose and power cord is a necessary factor for an electric pressure washer and this device stands out on these criteria well.


      1. This pressure washer will cost you about $265.98. This can be a high priced model for a normal middle-class buyer. So this one is not so pocket friendly like the other electric pressure washers.
      2. The 2000 PSI is comparatively low concerning the price of this model. You can get a higher PSI model at the same price.


      So if you are looking for a pocket-friendly cleaning partner then you can surely go for the WestForce pressure washers. They are designed especially for light and medium-duty home cleaning jobs. They are compact in size and shape and light in weight. The GPM and PSI combination is also perfect for medium-duty works. And above all, they will not cost you more than $120. So start thinking to get your own now.